1 1/2"x 3" Double Wumbo BarAL Offroad

1 1/2"x 3" XTR Extrusion Cross Bar

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Double T-Slot XTR Extrusion Bar

This Double XTR Bar crossbar from Xtrusion Overland is used on the back of all of our Roof Racks. You can purchase an extra Double XTR Bar for your roof rack to add spots to mount brackets, lights, or even antennas Our proprietary profile makes it stronger than the average bar, while keeping it even lighter even than the previous WUMBO bar. It is still compatible with all 8020 style bars in the 1530 series, with 8mm slots. 

*NOTE: This is an updated version from the previous "WUMBO" bar from AL OFFROAD. They are 100% compatible except these don't Opening Slots. You need to use Drop-In T-Nuts (check our new "WUMBO Nuts"). This is a superior method as you don't need to get to the access slots anymore. Just drop the nut in the t-slot!


  • 400lbs center load with only 1/16'' deflection 
  • Avaliable in 48" , 50" and  53"
  • Hardware for mounting the bar to the rack is included