About Us

AL Offroad Products prides itself on producing 100% Made in the USA products. Our roof racks are 100% Aluminum and Stainless steel. The company was founded in Texas in 2020 by Scott Phillips and family. 

In December 15th, 2023, AL Offroad's assets were acquired by Adventure XD LLC, parent company of Xtrusion Overland, XD Metalworks and XTR Offroad Designs. 

Adventure XD is a family owned business founded in Wichita, Kansas in 2020 by Alan Reyes, a Design Engineer with years of experience in Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Operations, and Bacheus Jabara, an multiple business owner with experience in Marketing and Product Management. Really just a couple of outdoor nuts that sought to solve the problem of organizing cargo while going out on adventures. 

in 2021 Jon Fuller decided we were crazy enough for him to join forces. Jon has extensive background in engineering and automation. This, together with his passion for the outdoors led him to believe in our project to contribute as "one of the first". He supports our team in new creative projects, product and customer support.

With a passion for the outdoors, business, engineering, design and manufacturing we came up with the best solution. We have years of experience manufacturing components for the aerospace industry and we are applying that knowledge to develop consumer products. We design, manufacture and source components and raw materials in house and from the best quality suppliers in the US and abroad, to bring you the best quality at the best price. 

Join us in this journey as we grow as a company, innovate in outdoor products and provide solutions to our fellow enthusiasts.

Our top goal will be customer satisfaction. Just as we are consumers, we want you to have the best experience with our products. For any issues please contact us at aloffroadproducts@gmail.com or call us at (316) 339-0201




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