Tandem 5G4R Toyota 4Runner Bumper BASE

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Tandem 5G4R Toyota 4Runner Bumper BASE

We are proud to introduce the Tandem Offroad 5G4R bumper.  After 2 years of development we are excited to offer it to the masses.  It consists of 3/16 steel construction with strategically placed bracing to maximize strength and minimize unnecessary weight.

Our design hugs the frame tight, allowing for maximum ground clearance.  Our only limitation was the existing frame. 


Clever engineering allows our 5G4R dual swing out to be operated with a single latch while large isolating bumpers keep the noise down while securely holding the swing arms to the bumper.


Dual swing out design features locking pins with three positions for 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 140 degrees.


List of accessories in development:

  • Hitch Attachment
  • Traction Board Attachment
  • Hi-Lift Attachment
  • Cooler Attachment
  • Jerry Can Attachment
  • We will add additional options based on customer input