XTR1 Bed Rack for Nissan Frontier

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*Must have the Nissan Utili-track installed on latest generation (2021-2023)

Get that Nissan Frontier dialed in just right with the most modular bed rack on the market today! Our XTR1 bed racks are made out of the strongest, lightest, and most modular materials on the market, without sacrificing any features! With our rack, you'll be sure to have as much versatility as your heart can desire. Our racks are made out of strong and light weight extrusion all around, which basically allows you to mount anything in any position. Our preconfigured bed racks come in our most popular sizes: low, mid, full, and soft top height. Be sure to select which one you need!

As an added bonus, our XTR1 Preconfigured Bed Rack includes some of our most popular accessories and mounting hardware that will allow you to mount your accessories and brackets to your new bed rack. Check them out listed below!

*Pictures shown with additional accessories that are sold separately*

***Please Note: Our Pre-Configured Bed Racks are the most popular and universal options that we sell. This is our effort at offering the most popular height options with our most universal bed bracket, which basically takes the guess work out of most configurations! The bed brackets included with these preconfigured kits work with most tonneau covers. Exceptions include: tri-folds and covers that have built in t-slots such as: the Retrax XR, Roll n Lock XT Series, Pace Edwards UltraGroove, etc. If your vehicle has one of these style bed covers please find your model specific listing by visiting our Shop By Vehicle tab above.

XTR1 Bed Rack includes:
2 Crossbars
4 Uprights (Columns)
2 Top Braces (1530 Black)
2 Side Braces (1530 Black)
4 Bedrail Brackets (Connects Uprights to Bedrail)
4 Top Corner Brackets (connects Crossbars and uprights)
All screws and hardware required for assembly.

Extras also included with our XTR1 Preconfigured Bed Racks: 

- Set of Black XTR1 Off-Road Reinforcement Plates ($110 value)

- Metal Handle Kit - Set of 4 ($40 value)

- 16 pcs of Drop In T Nuts - 5/16-8 ($12 value)

- 16 pcs of Button Head Screws - 5/16-8 x 5/8" ($8.80 value)


Don't forget about MOLLE plates!! Also available for purchase are our XTR1 Modular MOLLE Plates! Click here to them out!

Rated Capacity (evenly distributed): 400 pounds dynamic off-road, 800 pounds dynamic on-road, and 1500 pounds static, or OEM Bed Rail capacity, whichever is less. 

Questions, concerns, or requests? Shoot us an email: support@xtrusiondesigns.com

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